Friday, May 9, 2008

Plan Balboa being concretized as part of neofascist plan for world domination...

What a busy bunch the neofascist "neocons" are: they back secessionist forces in Kosovo, Tibet, and other places as a way to wrest resources from countries, placing them in the hands of forces dependent upon their "protection" in order to secure these resources for their exploitation.

We see similar processes at work in South America, with the US support ofthe Zulia secessionists in Venezuela, the Santa Clara secessionists in Bolivia, etc.

Now what we see unfolding is clear evidence that these secessionistsmovements are really meant to provide bases of counterrevolutionary subversion, the ultimate aim of which is to overthrow the democratically-elected governments of Bolivia and Venezuela.

Let me present three articles for your consideration, in order to show how "Plan Balboa" is being realized in Venezuela:

a) An article published on April 25th in Ultimas Noticias, and translated on May 8th in Venezuelanalysis, in which a report from the Venezuelan Intelligence community is presented, outlining a plot to use Zulia State as a base from which to launch a counterrevolutionary offensive against Venezuela, in which AUC paramilitary militias are used as surrogates for the Colombian and US armed forces;

b) An article in the May 8th edition of Venezuelanalysis, in which opposition legislators in Zulia propose an "autonomy" campaign modelled on the one that won the secessionist referendum in Santa Clara, Bolivia;

c) An article in the May 9th edition of Wall Street Journal in which two "journalists" claim to have seen "convincing evidence" of close ties between Colombian insurgents and the Venezuelan government.

It may be time to redeploy those ten batallions back to the Colombia-Venezuela border; it is definitely time to contemplate countermoves to any sanctions the US government might impose.

It is in this context in which I submit my petitions, in order to help resolve the ambiguities of the present situation in Venezuela decisively in favour of socialism, and against the corruption, bureaucratism, and opportunisim which threaten to open the door through which the neofascists can pass in order to retake power there.

This must not happen.


Hasta pronto, y a la victoria, siempre,

Mateo Owen

The articles:

a): Uribe Would Be Involved in the "Final Offensive" Against Venezuela

b): Autonomy Proposed in State Legislature of Venezuelan Oil State Zulia

c): Chavez Aided Colombia Rebels, Captured Computer Files Show

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