Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Venezuela To Keep Blocking Mining Permits In Imataca - Report

The Environmental Ministry is upholding its decision to block mining permits in the Imataca Forest Reserve, confirming the announcement made two weeks ago by Environmental Minister Yubiri Ortega, El Nacional daily reported Tuesday. The decision affects Crystallex International Corp. (KRY) and Gold Reserves (GRA), which were attempting to dig the country's largest gold and copper mines in that region. El Nacional, which cited anonymous sources from the Environmental Ministry, also said that the Basic Industries Ministry and the Environmental Ministry established a joint commission to agree on the locations where the government will allow for open-pit mining projects in the Bolivar state. Ortega had said two weeks earlier that the 'government would not give permits to anyone for open-pit mining in gold, diamonds and coal.' Permitting mining in the Imataca region, however, will not be taken into consideration by the committee, El Nacional reported.

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  1. It funny that Ortega is denying any mining in the Las Cristanas region because of the Environmental damage it would cause but yet she was the one that approved the bond and the enviromental studies that KRY did and said everything was done correctly. Why is she now taking it all back? RM from KRY said some of the Mimb staff are being called to testified on the matter. Also there is so much damage already done in that area from previous mining that nothing can be grown anymore no vegetation, but fact KRY by mining there would help clean up the mess that was left from previous mining.