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Venezuelan government defends its record in the Brito hunger-strike affair
Venezuelan Vice President chides opposition Governors for high crime rates
Leopoldo Lopez: Public insecurity in Venezuela could be solved in 20 months
Caracas D.C. to refurbish apartment blocks and doubles security in metro stations
Opposition economist Ochoa slams government "good living" debit card
AN deputy defends 3,000 house buyers swindled by construction cos
US-British meddling in St. Vincent & The Grenadines to oust ALBA
Julio Escalona // Peace, Sovereignty and Democracy
Big increase in Q2 gold output and fall in costs for Rusoro
Rusoro Mining Ltd. grants and re-prices incentive stock options
Electoral official calls for analysis of Chavez' role in election campaign
Chavez accuses the US of funding coup attempt in Venezuela
Colombia should compensate Venezuela for refugees: Labor leader
Venezuelan vice-president: government did not violate hunger striker's rights
Seizures in Venezuela focus on retailers and industries
Experts complain that 91% of murders go unpunished in Venezuela
Venezuelan government provides credit cards to buy food
Ex BCV director: The 'good living' card does not come straight to the point
USAID increases funding for Venezuelan opposition
National Police deploy 658 troops to ensure safety in 47 Caracas metro stations
Venezuela buying out land and cattle belonging to the UK Vestey family
VenEconomy // Venezuelans will end up living hand to mouth
Venezuela's public deficit at US$4.88 billion in five months
Chinese company to build terminal at Venezuela's largest cargo port
Eva Golinger // Chavez: Security a priority
US-Venezuela links teeter on the brink, dragging a prudent foreign policy with it