Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Millions go without health insurance in the United States, but Sarah Palin targets Venezuela?

VHeadline guest columnist Mary MacElveen writes: I am thrilled to hear that Sarah Palin brought up the term 'domestic terrorist' since there are citizens of this country who have been terrorized by non-action coming from a Republican administration. The people who I speak of are those who came face-to-face with Hurricane Katrina. As the storm barreled its way towards New Orleans, President Bush first attended a fundraiser and strummed a guitar showing not one ounce of compassion or leadership to the gulf coast in their time of crisis.

Now pay close attention to what was reported of Joe Lieberman who is John McCain�s close friend in this article, Gulf Watch: Lieberman abandons push for Katrina accountability 'Lieberman spokesperson Leslie Phillips told the reporters that the senator -- an independent Democrat who now holds the power to subpoena the relevant records -- "intends to focus his attention on the future security of the American people and other matters and does not expect to revisit the White House's role in Katrina."

Will someone please tell Lieberman he is not a Democrat. I once sent him a re-registration form checking off the box declaring him a Republican.

In her acceptance speech before the RNC, Sarah Palin demonized the country of Venezuela and while some may see their president, Hugo Chavez as a dictator. As he has been tagged with this title, he tried to come to the aid of those devastated by Katrina. I have written of that before, but will retell what he wanted to do for them.

As Bush turned his back on our citizens that aid package consisted of, one million dollars, two mobile medical units capable of attending to 150 people each, ten water purifying plants, eight electricity generators with a capacity of 850 kilowatts each, 20 tons of bottled drinking water, 50 tons of canned food. This aid package also included much needed oil to offset any disturbances to our nation's supply.

Now you tell me who became the 'domestic terrorist' of those devastated by that storm, Sarah Palin. It was your party's leader and his name is George W. Bush and your running mate's friend, Joe Lieberman.

Even a small country known as Cuba saw fit to rise above the fray considering our relationship with them by offering the American people medical assistance in our time of crisis. Cuba stood ready to send the citizens of that region 1,500 doctors who gathered at Jose Marti Airport in Havana. They waited for days for the green-light which never came. One cardiologist from Cuba stated, 'I may not speak English very well, but I do have a big heart.' I am sure that the thousands gathered at the Super Dome would have welcomed this medical aid. Come to think of it, a woman died there and her name was Ethel Freeman. She was even photographed dead in her wheelchair. A Republican president's inactions terrorized this woman so severely that she died.

As Sarah Palin targeted Venezuela in her speech, and to speak specifically of those who still go without health insurance in the United States, President Hugo Chavez wanted to come to the aid of our people. Through his 'Mission Miracle' program he previously offered to perform free eye surgeries for these Americans. He would provide the transportation and fly these Americans to Cuba in which Cuban doctors would perform them. His plan incorporated providing 150,000 people a year over a ten year period with these operations.

To me true 'domestic terrorism' is where a government does not respond to the plight of its people.

As winter barrels down on all of us where we are not sure how we are going to heat our homes, it has been the president of Venezuela who has seen this urgent need for the poorest amongst us by providing low-cost oil. This oil is sold at 40 percent below market price to needy Americans.

I covered such an event back in December of 2005 when CITGO an American company whose oil comes from PDVSA which is a Venezuelan oil company delivered this low-cost oil to the people of the Bronx. As I was interviewing Rep. Jose Serrano, this is what he said, 'America is not taking care of its own.' And the Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States, Bernardo Alvarez stated, 'We did not create America's poor.'

Meanwhile, in a speech given by President Bush a few years back in Tennessee and defending the profits made by Exxon/Mobil he said, "consumers' socked with soaring energy costs should not expect price breaks." I want all to keep that in the back of their minds as we head towards Election Day.

Terrorism comes in many forms, Sarah Palin and for you to even try an pin a tag on Barack Obama of alleging that he too is a domestic terrorist through his brief encounters with Ayers shows you do not even know what true domestic terrorism is all about. In reading a report where one man in attendance had this to say of Senator Barack Obama, "Kill him!" It is you, Sarah Palin who just became the domestic terrorist by inciting one of our citizens to call for Barack Obama's assassination.

By creating a mob-mentality where someone would even call for his assassination is not protected by the first amendment to our United States Constitution.

Mary MacElveen


Venezuela is facing the most difficult period of its history with honest reporters crippled by sectarianism on top of rampant corruption within the administration and beyond, aided and abetted by criminal forces in the US and Spanish governments which cannot accept the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people to decide over their own future.


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