Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elio Cequea: A little more than immediately meets the eye ... curiosities in the Antonini $790,550 suitcase case!

VHeadline commentarist Elio Cequea writes: In the so-called "suitcase scandal" currently before the court in Miami, Venezuelan-American businessman Guido Antonini Wilson is giving evidence in something that has become a serial novel in two indictments against the accused ... one is conspiracy (violation Title 18 USC 371) ... and, it happens that this 'infraction' refers to conspiracies and frauds supposedly committed AGAINST the United States of America.

Even IF the $790,550 really came from Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to finance the presidential campaign of Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, it is ludicrous to label it conspiracy against the USA...

The other indictment is that the accused acted as agents of "a foreign government" without notifying the US Attorney General (violation Title 18 USC 951). This, though, is related to FARA -- the Foreign Agents Registration Act -- the main purpose of which is to ensure that the government and the citizens of the United States are informed of the identity of people involved in political activities on behalf of foreign interests.

The TRUTH in all this is that the activities of the defendants are far from even being considered "political" ... they seem rather to be the activities of friends and associates, wealthy and well-connected, trying to help someone they (at that time) considered to be one of their own.

Something that calls attention to this case is that the main participant, Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson, has been cleared of any responsibility.

US Federal prosecutor Thomas Mulvihill considered that (as he was told), Antonini was carrying the suitcase because another passenger asked him ... he (Antonini) claims he did NOT know what was inside it. In other words, on August 4, 2007, Antonini was asked: "Guido, brother, please help me with this suitcase and give it back to me after you get it through customs." Antonini, a businessman with worldwide experience, accepted to do so without asking a single question ... ???

Another glaring curiosity about Antonini is that he started "to cooperate" with the FBI as soon as he arrived in the United States.

Cooperate in WHAT? Until that moment he was the only one with problems ... HE was being sought by INTERPOL!

The only possible explanation is that it was one of those cases of "mutual" cooperation ... Antonini on the one side, the US government on the other one! Something like: "help me with the problem I have, and I will help you with the 'Chavez' problem YOU have!"

Those who pled guilty did so in exchange of the "benevolence" of the US judicial system ... just like Antonini, they accepted to cooperate against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and even the one who pled NOT guilty raises suspicion. If all of them had pled guilty, "somebody" would have wasted an opportunity to make public "good information."

NO ONE can deny that the circus going on in Miami gives the impression that it is the Venezuelan government that is being prosecuted ... NOT those who have been indicted.

Elio Cequea


Venezuela is facing the most difficult period of its history with honest reporters crippled by sectarianism on top of rampant corruption within the administration and beyond, aided and abetted by criminal forces in the US and Spanish governments which cannot accept the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people to decide over their own future.


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