Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kenneth T. Tellis: Just look who was calling whom a terrorist supporter

VHeadline commentarist Kenneth T. Tellis writes: Just look who was calling whom a terrorist supporter! On May 14, 2008, Iranian intelligence agents arrested a terrorist group that planned to blow up the Russian consulate building in the town of Rasht, Iran, near the Caspian Sea. The terrorist network had links with the U.S. and had planned to blow up the Russian consulate near Rasht near the Caspian Sea.

The terrorist with U.S. links had sought to create a rift between Iran and its neighbour Russia. But Iranian intelligence was too smart for them.

The reasons for this attack is that Russia was only imposing mild sanctions against Iran and not implementing U.N. Security Council resolution 1803 harshly and this did not please the Bush regime.

So the U.S. used its links with an Iranian terrorist group to carry out the attack on the Russian consulate in Rasht, Iran. When U.S. Special Forces and their Colombian surrogates made the bombing attack on the FARC campsite in Ecuador on March 1, 2008, they claimed to have found FARC laptop computers, with date on them incriminating Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias.

The evidence on the laptop computers they claimed showed that Chavez had links with FARC insurgents. But as we now can see, all of that evidence was manufactured by CIA computer experts. Therefore none of the evidence they supplied was in fact real, but manufactured for the U.S. to make Chavez look like terrorist himself.

Now that Iran has arrested an Iranian group with links to the U.S. the fats in the fire and anything the U.S. government now says or claims will be suspect.

After all, they have been the party that was linked to a terrorist group, not Chavez or the Venezuelan government.

So we now know the truth about U.S. government activities in the area of TERRORISM.

Which country can trust a nation that has open links with terrorist groups worldwide?

Kenneth T. Tellis

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