Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chris Herz: And of course soon we shall work for "independence" for Zulia State

VHeadline;s Washington D.C. based commentarist Chris Herz writes: Today's Washington Post, ever the sycophantic stenographer to the powers-that-be here in the imperial capital, has outdone itself in an editorial entitled "Bolivia's Rift: President Evo Morales' attempt to impose Venezuelan-style socialism is literally splitting the country".

Stating that the six lowland provinces of Bolivia reject Evo Morales and his vision of a social democratic nation this editorial ignores alike the machinations of the US Embassy in La Paz and the conspiracy of wealthy latifundistas in Santa Cruz Province.

This silly newpaper, much fallen from its glory days fighting the criminal Nixon Administration, tells us that 60% of the voters reject the La Paz government and seek autonomy for their province and for the other five provinces of lowland Bolivia.

What BS. In a province dominated by latifundias of up to 60 000 hectares and with a total lock by the local oligarchies on social communication how in the world can you expect thousands of poor peons -- and hundreds of thousands there are held in outright debt slavery -- to vote contrary to the interests of their masters? In a far-from-secret ballot? It's a fair bet that most have never even been allowed to hear of Evo Morales.

None of this, of course explained to North American readers. No, all we are to be told by OUR masters is that this exercise is a perfect example of democracy in action.
And of course, Evo Morales is identified as a coca grower. And an
ally to that notorious anti-democratic tyrant, Hugo Chavez Frias. And to
the arch-fiend, he of the cloven hooves, Fidel Castro.

But it is sad. Geography shows us in a glance at the map that Bolivia cannot stand against the Yankee Empire and its local collaborators without a totally united front composed of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.

Peru and of course to a much greater extent, Colombia are both allied with the Empire. The outcome of separatism in Santa Cruz Province and in the other areas of the creole lowlands is utterly dependent upon the attitude of these five nations. Not that of Venezuela which has no frontiers with Bolivia.

If Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina wish to have another Yankee-allied military dictatorship on their borders they will allow the fission of the Bolivian state to proceed. No problem for me. Next we shall see separatist movements in Mato Grosso or Chaco.

After all I live near the capital of the world corporate empire. And some of all this wealth stolen from others really does accrue to myself -- perhaps against my own conception of decency. But that's a fact.

If the citizens of the central portions of South America desire to place themselves at our service without remuneration as have those of Central America and Colombia; well, OK. You must know your own natural and rightful place in the scheme of things.

And of course soon we shall work for "independence" for Zulia State.

But whether Latin Americans like it or not, their continent remains as it always has been -- the Schwerpunkt for the very survival of the North American corporate enterprise. We could afford to lose the struggle in the Middle East and maybe survive for a while as an empire: So long as we control the southern portion of the Americas. But to lose that control means that we shall instantly have to live on our own means, merely one ordinary nation among a constellation of others.

God forbid!

From the imperial capital,
Chris Herz

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