Thursday, July 17, 2008

Venezuela's Ambassador to France may be appointed new Environment Minister (MinAmb) replacing Ortega de Carrizales

Venezuela's current ambassador to Paris (France), former Foreign Minister (MRE) Jesus Arnaldo Perez
is believed to be next in line to take over the Environment Ministry (MinAmb) in Caracas while newly-arrived (in Paris) Embassy Trade Counsellor Federico Ruiz Tirado is slated to become Ambassador.

Environment (MinAmb) Yubiri Ortega de Carrizales is to face a series of parliamentary enquiries into her dealings related to a water supply situation close to Lake Valencia in central Venezuela and a Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) sentence handed down two years ago ordering Ortega de Carrizalez to pay compensation to several hundred evicted families.

The Gaceta Oficial (Official Law Gazette) for today, July 17, publishes an edict that henceforth the Economic Planning Ministry (previously known as Cordiplan) and the Finance Ministry (Hacienda) shall be combined under the new departmental title of Economy & Finance Ministry.

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