Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Venezuela in media development talks with Jamaica

The governments of Venezuela and Jamaica are engaged in discussions to develop a media partnership, it has emerged.
Under the collaboration, the two countries would exchange a range of television news and entertainment programmes, with the aim to spearhead development in both countries, the Jamaican government said. It added the move is part of a wider plan to stimulate cooperation, increase trade and share technical expertise. The initiative was announced by Neville James, chairman of the advisory board for the Jamaica Information Service, who has recently returned from Venezuela's Margarita Island where senior government ministers from a range of countries met for a high-profile summit. Homes Worldwide last month referred to the rapid expansion currently occurring in the tourism and real estate markets on Margarita Island. It said Margarita Island property currently offers particularly high returns for investors, which it suggested is being backed up by a thriving national economy.

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