Thursday, February 14, 2008

Houston Chronicle: Expert says Chavez is in over his head | - Houston Chronicle

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez doesn't have the tactical advantage he thinks he does when it comes to controlling his oil-rich country's resources, an energy security consultant told oil and gas executives. While the country's state-owned oil company has taken control over foreign-run oil operations in its bountiful Orinoco River Basin, production is down in an era of $90-plus oil, Andy Webb-Vidal, a consultant with Jane's Information Group, said during a discussion of global energy security risks at a Cambridge Energy Research Associates conference in Houston.

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  1. You can see the actual level of objectivity of these paid liars when they think they can treat the "welfare state" as a complete liability. As if investing in the future of a country and its people makes zero business sense... I'll bet they think they can knock over Venezuela with an invasion too -- especially after having assassinated Hugo Chávez.

    No wonder the world is such a mess, with these narrow-minded and incredibly self-centered people running the show.

    Time for a revolution. Everywhere.