Monday, February 18, 2008

Authorities sieze huge stash of milk and chicken in a private health clinic in Caracas

Shoppers in oil-rich Venezuela often can't find basic food items in stores but the government of President Hugo Chavez on Sunday turned up a huge stash of milk and chicken in a private health clinic. Inspectors from the consumer protection agency Indecu found the shelves of the upscale Caracas Policlinica Metropolitana stocked with half a tonne of milk and a similar amount of chicken. Indecu coordinator Jesus Benavides told reporters the products had been illegally diverted from a chain of state-run subsidized grocery stores, which sell primarily to poor Venezuelans who form Chavez's support base.

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  1. It's good to see that the corruption at Mercal is being dealt with. Certainly having them run by their local consejos comunales will be a big step in the direction of transparency in government and the supply chain. And the organizing of the consejos to actually root out the corruption, locally -- at the root -- will quickly defeat both the petty hoarders and the oligarchic saboteurs at the country-wide scale.

    Nothing like hordes of people looking out for their collective interests to quickly bust up crime of any kind. Unlike the situation here, where capitalist governments use hysteria and ignorance to build an espionage army of local idiots to watch us all and each other -- to keep us all in chains for our own oligarchy.

    Devil's in the details, eh?