Friday, March 5, 2010 - Noah Tucker // Who owns the Falklands? - Noah Tucker // Who owns the Falklands?

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  1. Very interested to note that so many British citizens were unaware of the exact location of the Falkland Islands and that nearly as many Servicemen died as half the population of the Islands.I wonder how many Venezuelans know where the "Isla de Aves" that strategic rock claimed by Venezuela is? How many Venezuelans would die in the defence of this practically submerged rock? At least the British Servicemen who died knew what they were fighting for.

    It is also interesting to note the observation that Chavez is democratically elected and therefore supposedly speaks with the support of his people. Is this the same Hugo Chavez who attempted a failed military putsch before coming to power? Is this the same Hugo Chavez who was narrowly beaten in his attempt to change the constitution so that he could extend his time in power? There is still plenty of time left for him to achieve this aim and his lunatic ramblings on crowd-pleasing issues won’t go amiss.

    His criticism of the imperialist retention of some island very far from their homeland rings a bell. Hang on…is he talking about the so called Island of the Birds?(Isla de Aves) This piece of rock is 115 miles from Monserrat, 140 miles from the Dominican Republic, and over 340 miles from Venezuela which claims it. 350m long and submerged in moderate weather, it would be an ideal port of call for the British Fleet to use for target practise for some of its heavier weapons. The combination of present erosion which is destroying the island and a naval bombardment might just do the trick and remove this piece of Venezuelan Imperialism

    The British don’t have to worry too much about Venezuela in a confrontation with Argentina. In 1982, Venezuela took the awesome step of showing solidarity with the Argentinians by refusing to drink Scotch Whisky at official functions. Interestingly, whisky exports to that country weren’t affected. Their naval prowess is amazingly demonstrated by the Venezuelan attempt to build a submarine in Puerto Cabello. After 20 years of construction, they gave the idea up as a bad job. The only real military force in Venezuela are the La Guardia Nacional and they are used for internal security maintaining order in the slums where most of Chavez’s power base lies. The image of Chavez denouncing imperialist Britain in front of his applauding cabinet is frightening because of its similarity to Saddam Hussein’s performances. The only difference being, it is not the Venezuelan style to sport military uniforms and bushy moustaches

    Britain’s greatest problem lies with the US. They assisted the British in 1982 with intelligence, sidewinders, and the logistic build up at Ascension Island.
    In 1982, the US did the same number in the UN as Clinton did at her recent press conference with the Argentinian President……..send out the wrong signals.
    Isn’t it frightening that Chavez and US Policy are leaning towards the same objective? The Americans are the bastion of the Democratic World but they are always a little slow. In the 1916-1918 war as well as the 1941-1945 episode, they took their time to realise that their own interests were threatened by not overtly siding with Britain. A neutral stance by the US in the present situation would leave it without its closest ally and ensure a quick withdrawal from Afghanistan by British troops. Why should we sacrifice our forces so that disaffected Muslims don’t fly planes into buildings in the United States? The insularisation of the United States caused by its refusal to recognise a “bad un” when they see one, will lead to inevitable consequences.